Ambulance Operator

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Emergency Vehicle Operator

People's lives often depend on the quick reaction and competent care of emergency medical technicians (EMTs). Incidents as varied as automobile accidents, heart attacks, slips and falls, childbirth, and gunshot wounds require immediate medical attention. EMTs provide this vital service as they care for and transport the sick or injured to a medical facility.

In an emergency, EMTs are typically dispatched by a 911 operator to the scene.  Without the Emergency Vehicle Operator the EMT's would not arrive.  Beyond driving the ambulance our drivers provide invaluable assistance with equipment, patient packaging, moving and transport.  Additionally, the value of having a driver effectively doubles the available patient care in the unit by allowing both EMT's to provide direct patient care!

Our emergency vehicle operators are all Certified Emergency Vehicle Operators (CEVO - II) and attend monthly meetings and driver specific training sessions on an ongoing basis.  Each driver brings a special quality to Twin Bridge Rescue Squad, Inc. and we appreciate them all!

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Requirements: - Be at least 21 years of age - Reside in our service area or be willing to stay at a location within our area when on call. - Be available on a regular basis - Excellent driving record with outstanding defensive driving skills. - In-house defensive driving course (CEVO II - Ambulance)