TBRS Updates Special Purpose Rescue Unit

Written by Kevin Solway. Posted in In The News

TBRS Updates Special Purpose Rescue Unit

August 27, 2015--

Due to the tremendous support from the residents and visitors to the Twin Bridge community Twin Bridge Rescue Squad, Inc. was recently able to update our special purpose rescue unit.  For several years Twin Bridge Rescue Squad, Inc. has operated a UTV/trailer combination special purpose rescue unit capable of reaching individuals in hard to reach areas of our community.   Providing emergency medical services sometimes requires members to travel great distances to remote areas such as on ATV and snowmobile trails.  These areas are frequently inaccesible by traditional ambulances.  This is where out special purpose unit comes into play!

Towed by a four wheel drive UTV, our new trailer provides greater patient safety, increases operating efficiently and affords greater comfort to our patients during those backwoods transports.  With ample space for any needed equipment, Emergency Medical Technicians and patient requirements the new transport unit enhances the Twin Bridge Rescue Squad, Inc. mission "To proudly, reliably and effectively provide the best basic EMS services possible to the residents and guests of the Town of Stephenson...".

We here at Twin Bridge Rescue Squad, Inc. want to thank each and every one of you for your support.  We wouldn't be here without you!